Welcome to the History page! History of Cambridge... Cambridge, with a population of about 360 has gone through ups and downs typical of the rural areas of Idaho.  Situated in northern Washington County, it lies, as it has throughout is history, at the crossroads, both literally and metaphorically.  In 1868, a wagon train under Tim Goodale camped in the area while men built a wagon road across the mountains to the Snake River and Brownlee Ferry.  The time coincided with the passage of the Homestead Act, and within the next decade a thriving little settlement known as Salubria, on the old Indian trail, grew up at the heart of a fertile agriculture area.  With the excitement of the mines on Cuddy Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Seven Devils, and Mineral, Salubria became the source of supplies for the miners and a supply depot for the freighting from Boise City and eastern Oregon.  Because of a controversy between landowners and the railroad, the PI&N. tracks were laid on the west side of the Weiser River, and the train rolled into Cambridge in 1900, officially establishing a new town.  It was the site of a CCC camp in the 1930’s, and again a supply depot during the influx of men and equipment for the building of the Brownlee, Oxbow and Hells Canyon dams on the Snake River.  Today it welcomes visitors traveling in the west and tries to adapt to the increasing demands of the 21st Century.             Cambridge has maintained its buildings which cross the decades, and have survived major fires or been rebuilt after major mishaps.  It prides itself on having four buildings on the National Register which reflect the life of the residents across the decades: the Masonic Hall, the newspaper office, the present Museum (a former store), and a residence of a wealthy and influential family. Other older buildings exist but have not been placed on the Register. Last summer the Oregon- California Trails Association recognized the 1862 wagon trail as a spur of the Oregon Trail, and marked the route.  Like many small communities, Cambridge struggles in these uncertain times, but the past reflects a history that the residents would like to share. Website designed by Levi Morris of Cambridge School District City of Cambridge P.O. Box 220 80 S. Superior St. Cambridge, ID 83610 208-257-3318